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Case Study

About The Client

Incorporated in November 1995, Presto Gifts is a leading provider of personalized and corporate gifts in India. With a team of over 500 people and more than 165 outlets across major cities in India, they are a prominent brand. They have a very large customer base and ship products to all destinations in India and abroad through their online portal

Requirement & Objectives

Their existing e-commerce website which was developed using open source technology was unable to cope with an ever increasing traffic volume resulting in downtimes, slow response and poor user experience.
Due to the highly competitive nature of online business, the client was looking for the next level in e-commerce web, at par with the best in the industry and having state-of-the-art functionality.

♦ Develop new portal to cope with increasing traffic
♦ Enterprise Level Solution
♦ Portal to remain equally fast and responsive at very high traffic volumes
♦ Easily scalable architecture
♦ Provide superior user experience at par with leading e-commerce portals
♦ Stay ahead of competition
♦ Advanced onine product customization options with third party integration (Cloudinary)
♦ Multi Currency, multi country options
♦ Pincode based delivery time estimation
♦ Live Shipment Tracking
♦ Integration with analytics, ERP systems and other productivity software
♦ Increase Revenue

Technology & Solution

SEO Craft India has redesigned and developed the portal using our enterprise level e-commerce solution. The solution is based on state-of-the-art technology such as Node, Express, PHP8, Vue, Redis, Memcached and others.
Important Features Incorporated:
» Micro Services and API based architecture - extremely scalable
» Deployed on AWS Cloud Servers - AWS platform for storage, load balancing and CDN deployment.
» We have integrated Cloudinary APIs to create advanced product customization flows which allow users to customize gifts online and preview them before purchase.
» Dozens of features such as live order tracking, e-wallets, reminder systems, delivery date estimation, easy checkout process, support ticket system and others have been implemented to make the portal more user-friendly and appealing to a customer.
» Advanced Search Capabilities.
» Advanced analytic solutions and productivity tools such as ERP have been integrated to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

The portal remains fast and responsive under heavy loads and provides users with a stellar experience across all devices ranging from desktops to mobiles.


» Accelerated growth
» Multi-fold increase in revenue within a few months
» Substantial increase in conversion rates from PPC campaigns
» Noticeable drop in bounce rate
» Positive User Feedback
» Getting ahead and staying ahead of competition on multiple fronts
» 100% uptime for portal
» Global reach
» Ease and efficiency of website administration
» Stellar Support from SEO Craft India

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